Water sports

We love the ocean and the many ways to enjoy it! We carry surfboards, bodyboards, wetsuits, kayaks and snorkels including the Ocean and Earth range. So however you enjoy the ocean, we’ll have something to suit your needs – even if hanging out on the sand and just getting your toes wet is more your style!

Shark Eyes

Being surrounded by the ocean, Shark Eyes perfectly complements our range. Shark Eyes as a brand started out in 2016 with the simple concept of putting ‘eye’ decals onto wetsuits, boards and dive equipment to act as a non-invasive shark deterrent. Their use of mimicry aims to eliminate a shark’s predatory element of surprise, when the element of surprise is gone, sharks abandon their attack. We stock Shark Eyes stickers, shirts, wetsuits and can order in anything from their range. 


There’s nothing like catching your own dinner! Whether you want a rod to drop a line off the jetty, or need to stock up on hooks, lures or bait we can help you out and we might even know a spot or two where you can try your luck. We carry a range of Jarvis Walker products and Early Bird bait.

Outdoor Fun

How about some beach cricket or quoits in the park?  Backyard games with friends and family are what summer is all about. Maybe some kick to kick or frisbee? Perhaps some lounging in the pool? We’ve also got a range of pool and water toys for the whole family.

Thinking of what to do on those cooler nights? Darts is a great way to keep everyone entertained! We stock a range of darts supplies to help with that rivalry with your mates.


Hiking, swimming, surfing? We’ve got you covered (quite literally!) We have a range of outdoor clothing from XTMfor when you’re trying to keep warm at camp, or out and ready to explore, as well as accessories like hats and backpacks.

When you’re ready to make a splash we have a huge selection of bathers, rashies, wetsuits and towels for when you’re in, on and off the water. With Ocean and Earth and Adrenaline products on offer.

We work with a range of suppliers to bring you the best selection of lifestyle gear